The Little Things Really Do Matter

You’ve likely heard before that it’s the little things that truly matter, and you’ve likely questioned the saying from time to time. Heck, I know I have.

It wasn’t until I truly started caring for my significant other until I realized how spot on this saying actually is. While big events, big surprises, and big money spent often means a lot to a good range of people, those “big” things are very few and far in between (unless you’re made of money).

So even though that grandiose gesture you showed your significant other for their birthday was amazing and they loved it, it was just one time in a year. And that amazing vacation you took them on for your anniversary? They’ll always remember it. But it was a once in a lifetime trip to wherever.

The saying pretty much equates to the everyday gestures, chores, and treats that you could show your lover (or friends or family!). The small stuff truly is the small things that may be deemed as commonplace or mundane. But consistently doing those things and showing those affections? Well, that’s what makes a relationship.

So the next time you think about it, grab your significant other a few of their favorite candy boxes and come home to them from work with those treats, a hand written letter, and a bottle of fruit beverage they love. Tell them that you appreciate everything you guys are together and cook them dinner. While you may have spent only a few dollars and invested just an hour of your time searching for a few things at the grocery and then making dinner, it’ll mean the world to them that you consistently pull that sort of behavior off. It’ll show them that you truly to care for them and it’s not superficial around those more “memorable” times of year like holidays and birthdays.

You may think getting them candy boxes, some wine, and cooking dinner is tacky, but that kind of stuff goes a long way for many people. Obviously you’ll want to tailor it to their interests and hobbies and needs, but just putting aside your own time to make them happy can make someone truly realize what they mean to you. There really is no better way to show you love someone and care for them than making all the small things count and consistently keeping those things in mind.

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